This page will be updated to provide up-to-the-minute information for conference attendees.

Updates regarding the conference will be posted here, and signposted using the #RSE17 hashtag on twitter.
If you want to talk about the conference, please use the #rse17 channel in the UKRSE slack group.
If you want to ask the organisers any questions, please email us at


We hope that you are enjoying #RSE17. If you want to provide any feedback then please fill in the form here. There is space to add comments. If you want to go into any more detail, then please feel to email additional comments to

On the day

If you can’t attend on Thursday, then registration will be open on Friday from 8.45am. The registration desk will always be attended.

You do not need to bring or print out a ticket, as we can register you using your name only.
Full instructions on how to travel to MOSI are available here:


The full programme of talks and workshops has been published and is now available.
If you are planning to attend one of the tutorial sessions, then you will need to bring your own laptop computer with VirtualBox already installed. This is so you can run the virtual machine on which the tutorials will run. More information available here.

Conference Dinner

If you are coming to the conference dinner on Thursday evening, then we recommend bringing cash if you want to buy extra drinks from the cash bar.

Code of Conduct

MOSI has a strict NO SMOKING policy for the entire site (both inside and outside). There is no parking on the site, and especially no parking on the cobbled area in front of the glass gates, as 24 hour access is required.

The conference has a “Code of Conduct” which you should read before attending. It is available here

Finally, we are a large conference of >220 people. Please respect each other and the local residents of Manchester by keeping noise to a minimum and treating the city, its occupants and other conference attendees with respect.

Getting in touch

If you want to ask questions of the conference organising committee, then please use Slack or Twitter as above, or email us directly at
If you want to communicate with other conference attendees then please use the #rse17 channel in the UKRSE Slack, or tweet using the #RSE17 hashtag.